Billie Eilish - Your Power (Official Music Video)

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Listen to “Your Power”, out now:​
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Directed by Billie Eilish

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khairul ikhwan
khairul ikhwan 18 sekonda më parë
one word, beautiful
Gerry Melaugh
Gerry Melaugh 2 minuta më parë
Wow she is literally not 27 even but she is an amazing person and a beautiful singer and an amazingggg personality
Arturo Arvizu DEMON
Arturo Arvizu DEMON 3 minuta më parë
Wow your song so cool >:3 Good song Hugs (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
2029 Evelyn Janis
2029 Evelyn Janis 4 minuta më parë
Why did you change your hair color?
Lourdes RL
Lourdes RL 4 minuta më parë
Natália 5 minuta më parë
Savage_Plumbus 6 minuta më parë
Reminds me of a sad song/reflective moment on Rick & Morty or Breaking Bad.
Adil Same
Adil Same 6 minuta më parë
THE ARABIC FANS LOVE YOU الفانز العربي يحبك بيلي Arab fans love u so much billie نحن نحبك جدا بيل
fatima ramos
fatima ramos 7 minuta më parë
I love you tío much Billie 💚💚📱
Lourdes RL
Lourdes RL 4 minuta më parë
XXXJOKERXXX JOKER 7 minuta më parë
Cloy 7 minuta më parë
How Dare you? And how could you?
Adil Same
Adil Same 7 minuta më parë
ريم نورة
ريم نورة 8 minuta më parë
Oh wow i love love it Billie Artist
Safa Khan
Safa Khan 8 minuta më parë
Bellyache girl made it up the mountain
Bill nye
Bill nye 9 minuta më parë
Billie has the most angelic and comforting voice I’ve ever heard, She is amazing and so sweet. I hope she realizes how loved she is
KING GIANNI 9 minuta më parë
Sheesh 😒
Axel Solórzano
Axel Solórzano 10 minuta më parë
I cant with your voice...
Adil Same
Adil Same 10 minuta më parë
Yacine Benrais
Yacine Benrais 10 minuta më parë
Christian Tränk
Christian Tränk 10 minuta më parë
didnt understand the lyrics att all, its easier to hear what mgla are screaming then this women
Adil Same
Adil Same 10 minuta më parë
Adil Same
Adil Same 11 minuta më parë
THE ARABIC FANS LOVE YOU Arab fans love u so much billie
emilia fernandez
emilia fernandez 12 minuta më parë
haters and trolls: aLL Of BiLLy eYeLaShEs sOnGs aNd mVs aRe ThE sAmE oLd ViBeS iTs sHiT the song and mv a few yrs later:
emilia fernandez
emilia fernandez 8 minuta më parë
just so yall know i've always loved billie and her songs just the way they are i didnt care if it ever changed since its her songs and not mine i was just saying how this song proves the haters the things they've gotten wrong all this time
kwi adam ateq Kwiatkowski
kwi adam ateq Kwiatkowski 12 minuta më parë
Are you crazy biellie
Coro Coro
Coro Coro 13 minuta më parë
Change the style of ur music bitch
Coro Coro
Coro Coro 14 minuta më parë
Same shit as always
Gabrielle Neveu
Gabrielle Neveu 15 minuta më parë
THE H.E.R.O 17 minuta më parë
This video was posted on April 29, 2021There have been 50 million views. I'll be back when 200 million views arrive ❤️💚
Ghaith - J0ker
Ghaith - J0ker 17 minuta më parë
اتمنا ان اكون الثعبان💋💓 I hope to be the snake💋💓
jeziel rodrigues
jeziel rodrigues 17 minuta më parë
Brasileiros se manifestem
Laaradj Amari
Laaradj Amari 20 minuta më parë
I Love you I Wich to see yooooo I from in Algeria
omar farouk Syed
omar farouk Syed 21 minutë më parë
Padma panda
Padma panda 21 minutë më parë
The song is soo beautiful.
Pete’s world
Pete’s world 22 minuta më parë
SOS 🆘 Canada Is under brutal dictatorship we need immediate intervention from other governments we need to be liberated we lost all our rights and freedoms , please contact governments around the world we are under tyrannical rule and we need help sos 🆘 sos 🆘 sos 🆘
melody 22 minuta më parë
Oo billie döktürmüssun yine 👍👏🏽
Lupita Olide
Lupita Olide 30 minuta më parë
I love it Billie Eilish
Daniel Juarez :v
Daniel Juarez :v 31 minutë më parë
Cris 24 minuta më parë
Entonces porque estas aquí 😂😂
itsairiell 38 minuta më parë
This is heaven sound like .
Rabat Rabat
Rabat Rabat 40 minuta më parë
You make sense Thanks
indiracool55 42 minuta më parë
It’s crazy and sad how many people can relate to this song. I hope you are all healing and this song helped.
Janina Baby
Janina Baby 43 minuta më parë
It’s hard to believe her career is just beginning. She’s literally not even 21
Lars Ken
Lars Ken 43 minuta më parë
Genius how Billie just blends in with her surroundings (colourwise)
Marina Jansen
Marina Jansen 44 minuta më parë
she was 16, he was 22. there's exactly 22 seconds of silence at the end of the music video. i think she definitely did that on purpose
MetalTBag 47 minuta më parë
"i wanna make music that people can mosh to" shut the F up billie. nothing you make is mosh worthy
aviana 47 minuta më parë
she really makes me cry to every one of her songs
Karen Obrien
Karen Obrien 49 minuta më parë
I admit I'm awe struck that someone this young can be this poetic and insightful. It's a beautiful song with a serious message.
Grace Talabi
Grace Talabi 49 minuta më parë
Billie, I'm so proud of you. You always hit hard. A job well done
Jaya krishna Stha
Jaya krishna Stha 49 minuta më parë
lots of love from the country of mt.everest and buddha..Nepal🇳🇵
snowliciousbff2 50 minuta më parë
So beautiful bille your music is so inspiring
Purple Platinum
Purple Platinum 51 minutë më parë
Lucy Steel Lucy Steel Lucy Steel
💚billie💚 eilich💚
💚billie💚 eilich💚 52 minuta më parë
💚billie💚 eilich💚
💚billie💚 eilich💚 52 minuta më parë
Kenmasaep 54 minuta më parë
Omg yes
Pietro games, e séries
Pietro games, e séries 54 minuta më parë
Y love you Billie elish excelenteeeeee omgggggg
Adaptive Arts
Adaptive Arts 54 minuta më parë
She is a badass, no doubt.
Sone duloi
Sone duloi 55 minuta më parë
Katy Kat
Katy Kat 55 minuta më parë
بـَسمةْ حيدر
بـَسمةْ حيدر 56 minuta më parë
ملكة الكآبة 😂😂🤝
Yusuf Osmanoğlu
Yusuf Osmanoğlu 57 minuta më parë
Brett Harper
Brett Harper 57 minuta më parë
I really want to remix this with some Dubstep or Bass House
Mahatir 58 minuta më parë
The lyrics has telled us about the pain of her life, my i hope she will be fine, becouse i think she just a victim of invinsible hand, pray for her keep life for the next year, pray and asked to allah for protection, aminyarabbalalamin
Sára Dianová
Sára Dianová 58 minuta më parë
bil's songs are the most true, honest and relatable ones
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼،
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼، 59 minuta më parë
حماس حماس وربي مدري شقول بس بعدنهه لسةة مبدينةة
l_ronika_l 59 minuta më parë
:/ ly billie
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼،
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼، 59 minuta më parë
ويييي ديدتتت بروذارز خمسين مليون يلا شدوا حيلكم على 100مليون تنتضرنةة
run run run OneRepublic
ahmad alaabd
ahmad alaabd Orë më parë
Luminary Sounds
Luminary Sounds Orë më parë
I absolutely love this song, she is an amazing artist!!
PATRICK TUBE \ باتريك تيوب /
PATRICK TUBE \ باتريك تيوب / Orë më parë
I love you😍😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤
PATRICK TUBE \ باتريك تيوب /
PATRICK TUBE \ باتريك تيوب / 28 minuta më parë
@ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼، ليش
PATRICK TUBE \ باتريك تيوب /
PATRICK TUBE \ باتريك تيوب / 29 minuta më parë
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼،
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼، 58 minuta më parë
لا تحط اي*موجي
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼،
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼، 58 minuta më parë
Lagge BTW
Lagge BTW Orë më parë
For people who don’t know what the song is about it is about her ex boy friend named q he was over 20 at the time she was 17 that’s why she you swear you didn’t know you said you thought she was your age like bruh
Ева Симарзина
Ева Симарзина Orë më parë
Мне очень приятно что появились русские субтитры ❤️ Спасибо за песню 🤍
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼،
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼، 58 minuta më parë
Dommy Tarko
Dommy Tarko Orë më parë
Lovley. Thank you.
Ibraahim ugaas75
Ibraahim ugaas75 Orë më parë
Annali Constanza Pereira Mora
Annali Constanza Pereira Mora Orë më parë
omg I LOVE youu!!!
TOBANKA Orë më parë
50 million in a week, I'm surprised how she's driving such High traffic to her music at such age! Shit is rare
Victhor Enrrique Meza Gonzalez
Victhor Enrrique Meza Gonzalez Orë më parë
Malaya culebra:0 xd
Sisa Ali
Sisa Ali Orë më parë
Guys who can relate this to bellyache? Or am i weird In the music
Kel J
Kel J Orë më parë
I don't usually like modern music but I love this.
dallana lizvette salvatierra rejas
dallana lizvette salvatierra rejas Orë më parë
Me encantoo la música
Axolot Orë më parë
That girl is not billie Ellish
Ahmed Rabia
Ahmed Rabia Orë më parë
Dr Strange
Dr Strange Orë më parë
What a fucking snooze.
Noachim Deconinck
Noachim Deconinck Orë më parë
This have a deep meaning whoow 🖖power isn't pain .. power is control. Every Hero have a dark side... We al have good and evil in us. Make balance. Be love
alexia cabrera
alexia cabrera Orë më parë
Lison Malaurent
Lison Malaurent Orë më parë
49k persons who saw this video are ophiophobist X)
كارلوس Fufu
كارلوس Fufu Orë më parë
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼،
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼، 57 minuta më parë
Gabi TÓRIA Orë më parë
Uau, que perfeição! 🤍
Jackson Anglim
Jackson Anglim Orë më parë
Reminder: Boys and men can be victims of abuse as well. Sending love to everyone who has had to endure abuse
XONO Orë më parë
Bille_Fam Orë më parë
You are so sweet muccuuk💋😘
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼،
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼، 57 minuta më parë
Brooke Visner
Brooke Visner Orë më parë
What a beauty.
Alfredo Pedroza
Alfredo Pedroza Orë më parë
Britney Spears
Malena Salerno López
Malena Salerno López Orë më parë
i'm still crying
Bettina Bonello Ghio
Bettina Bonello Ghio Orë më parë
this song spoke to my soul without my consent
Sonson De la barrera
Sonson De la barrera Orë më parë
Study_With_Me Orë më parë
Zz Mm
Zz Mm Orë më parë
Bolivar Pardo
Bolivar Pardo Orë më parë
Billie and Blackpink.
Matisse Perrin
Matisse Perrin Orë më parë
incredible song, just wow but to fckn commercial, not the same billie
Ghoti Hook
Ghoti Hook Orë më parë
Everything you do is gold.
Danilo Nascimento
Danilo Nascimento Orë më parë
❤❤❤❤❤ 🇧🇷
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼،
ؤحـيـدھۂ ٧👼، 57 minuta më parë
nobody cares acoustic album by Billie Eilish
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